Ashley Gatta & The Free People

Ashley Gatta began her musical journey in 2007, before her 21st birthday. Influenced by the likes of Norah Jones and Amos Lee, she wrote soulful, upbeat pop/rock songs. Acoustic guitar in hand, she began performing them at open mic nights and coffee shops in her college town of Denton, TX. With the help of producers Chris August and Jacob Schrodt, she took to the studio and recorded her first EP, Forget Subtlety. Gatta made waves in the songwriting circuit, winning ‘Song of the Year’ with TexasCSA (2009), and garnered the attention of producer Branden Petersen. Ashley Gatta & The Free People formed in 2010 when Gatta began working with Petersen on her first full-length album, Where the Humble Go. The band turned what was a simple acoustic guitar and vocal act into a rich and vibrant ensemble, packed with energy to match Gatta’s powerhouse vocals.

While band members have transitioned in and out as their lives and musical journeys have shifted, the band has consistently been one of talent, fun, and character. Ashley Gatta & The Free People currently consists of Ashley Gatta (acoustic guitar and vocals), Jason Cobb (lead guitar and vocals), Austin Chappell (drums), and Bert Willis (bass and vocals). Sharing the stage with artists like Ernie Halter, Sandra McCracken, and Fred Hammond, Ashley Gatta & The Free People played venues like Hailey’s, Andy’s, and Prophet Bar, touring regionally for over a year, Ashley Gatta & The Free People began forming a solid fanbase across Texas that welcomed them at coffeehouses, clubs, churches, parks and more as they toured to promote Where the Humble Go before self-producing their own Christmas EP at the end of 2010. In the summer of 2011, Ashley Gatta & The Free People joined forces with The eXtreme Tour and performed in cities along the south, ending in Miami, Fl before returning to their hometown of Denton, TX. Ashley Gatta & The Free People have spent the fall of 2011 writing, arranging, rehearsing, and preparing for a new album they plan to record and release in 2012.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve come a long way in a short time. It’s great to see you building community and giving life to the local music scene.

  2. Miss Gatta,
    You are an amazing singer and Teacher! I am so pleased to have you. I hope you have fun with this long jouney and enjoy it. I love your songs and hope to hear them on some big radio channel some day.

  3. Thanks Philip! It’s a joy to get to be a part of what God is doing here, musically.

    Celeste, it is great having you as a student! Thanks so much for the sweet message🙂

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