Album artwork!

Check out the album artwork for my newest CD, “In Dependence”, designed by Meghan Sadler. The album will be available for purchase soon! Everyone that pre-ordered the album through our “Keep Denton Beard” campaign last year will receive theirs even sooner!

Ashley Gatta & The Free People- Pulling the Strings


Ashley Gatta & The Free People perform Pulling the Strings at the Denton Radio Showcase on 3/8/13. This song is featured on “In Dependence”, the band’s upcoming album set to be released in the summer of 2013.


My calculated moves make your arm raise right on cue
Giving a cheerful wave, your painted smile says how do you do
My cheeks grow warmer it seems you’ve numbed the sting
But what’s the point of earning your affections when I’m pulling the strings

The scarlet curtain makes its great descent
Since you’re in the dark I’ll lead your wooden feet ahead
Your rigid gait begins to have some spring
Should I praise your ability to walk when I’m pulling the strings

A fierce and golden glow starts pouring in
Illuminating shackles where the wires should end
I’m performing for paupers when I was designed for a king
Somehow I become a marionette when I’m pulling the strings

The illusion of control is controlling me
The illusion of control is controlling me
The illusion of control is controlling me
The illusion of control is controlling me
The illusion of control is controlling me
The illusion of control is controlling me

When I’m pulling the strings

MLK Jr. Day

In 2010 I wrote a song inspired by a MLK Jr. quote, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” That year, it won 3rd place in TexasCSA’s Songwriting Competition and was only released as a single and wasn’t featured on any of my albums. It seemed timely, to share it with you today. This recording features Sam Witt on keys, Taylor Kami on percussion, Dave Randolph on bass, and I am on guitar and vocals.

Get a sneak peek inside the recording studio…

Summer vacation anyone? I know I’ve been ready for it, but there is no rest for the weary! The Freeps and I have been hard at work inside Reeltime Audio here in the little “d” making a brand new album just for you! We’ve been working with Grammy award winning engineer and producer, Eric Delegard. We did some old-school analog tracking for bass, drums, and acoustic guitar and then brought it up to 2012 for the rest of the album and went digital!

We were blessed to have such amazing talent take part in the creation of this album! Pictured, you can see many of the people that played a part in making musical magic. Sam reunited with The Freeps after a stint as a cruise ship musician. The rest of the crew are all local artists.

This album will feature many of the tunes you’ve heard us work out at shows over the last year, plus a few you’ve probably never heard before! The song order is still up in the air, but the tracks that we’ll have on this album are: Pretty in the City, Leavin’ Again, Fahrenheit, 50 Years, Montage, Fainthearted, Funeral March, Saving up for Me, Healer, Pulling the Strings, and Shine Like the Sun.

After one more session of background vocals, we should be finished tracking. That’s when Eric will turn a bunch of knobs and push a bunch of buttons to mix everything up just right to bring each song to it’s fullest potential. After I get some rough mixes in my hands, I’ll post some snippets of the songs for you to hear!